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Barry Lycka MD: Over 25 Years of Rejuvenating Edmonton through Cosmetic Dermatology

Dermatology is a medical branch dealing with hair, nails, and skin, as well as the diseases associated with these elements. Dr. Barry Lycka has over 25 years in the industry and is world-renowned for being a leader in the fields of cosmetic surgery, Mohs surgery, dermatology, and skin health.

Dr. Lycka has been providing Edmonton residents with cosmetic dermatology and surgery, the demographics have shifted gradually but noticeably. According to common stereotypes, a typical person looking for cosmetic improvements is an older, wealthy woman searching for the evasive fountain of youth. The truth of the matter is that this belief no longer holds any water. The clinic of Barry Lycka MD proudly receives an increasing number of younger clients, and many of these new clients are actually men. This has been of great benefit to our staff – it has allowed us to branch out and learn new methods appealing to younger generations.

Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist You Can Trust

As the founder of the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation, Dr. Barry Lycka is among the top doctors offering effective and lasting skin cancer treatments, continuously embracing the latest industry technology improvements as they become available. Additionally, he is a member of a plethora of industry-related associations, and a best-selling author.

We Can Help

By employing procedures such as Cellulaze™, Laser Lipo, Injectables, Platelet-Rich Plasma, Ulthera™, CoolSculpting™, Thermage™, Botox™, SVELT™, and Profractional, among others, Dr. Barry Lycka, and his highly qualified staff are equipped to treat conditions associated with:


Our procedures provide effective removal of unwanted fat, cellulite, veins, hair, stretchmarks, and tattoos.


Our clinic is equipped with technology that can help you soften wrinkles and lines, add volume to the skin of our cheeks, eyebrows, and lips, tighten lax skin, and remove tell-tale age spots.

Skin and Face:

We will professionally treat facial scars, and acne, as well as provide lip and eyeleash enhancement.

Skin Cancer:

In addition to providing you with the best skin cancer education available, Dr. Barry Lycka is a specialist in the treatment of moles, Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and Melanoma.

Just For Men:

Our clinic has grown with the times, and now understands that men, as much as women, have the desire to improve their body and appearance. As such, we offer specialized treatments, geared toward men, such as Botox™, Smart Lipo, and laser hair removal.


Don’t believe us? See first-hand accounts from some of our many satisfied and valued patients, and give Barry Lycka MD Cosmetic Dermatologist a call today to start benefitting from the life-changing rewards of facial and body rejuvenation.
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Dr. Lycka

Dr. Barry Lycka

Dr. Barry Lycka is a true leader in the world of cosmetic surgery, skin cancer treatment and Moh’s surgery, dermatology and skin health. He continues to embrace the latest technology as it advances and improves every single year. With 20-plus years in the industry, Dr. Lycka has become world-renowned for his teaching, training and mentoring of other doctors all around the globe.

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Michelle Jeannotte MN, NP

Michelle Jeannotte MN, NP

Michelle recently graduated with her Master’s of Nursing as a Nurse Practitioner from Athabasca University. As a nurse practitioner, Michelle is able to conduct comprehensive health assessments, diagnose health and illness conditions, and treat and manage acute and chronic illnesses.

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What has your experience been like at Dr. Lycka’s clinic?

"Dr Lycka is very personable and knowledgeable and I feel comfortable being treated by him. His staff are all simply superb – very professional, friendly and welcoming. This has been a positive experience for me overall."

What has your experience been like with the Dr. Barry Lycka M.D. clinic?

"I have seen Dr Lycka for laser work, liposuction and fillers. His expertise has always accomplished the results that I have wanted and dreamed of. He brought me back to a picture of youth. The laser has made me look 10 years younger and lasts for years. The lipo has sculpted my body to exactly what I envisioned. S.D., Age 69