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Cellulite Treatments:Answering FAQs on cellulite treatments

October 18th, 2011 by blycka

Cellulite treatments  and getting rid of cellulite is the subject of todays video.

Welcome to Your Cosmetic Doctor – not only a web site, but a public education TV
station dedicated to beauty through medicine.

I’m Dr. Barry Lycka, and I’ve been a cosmetic dermatologist for 25 years.

I am here to answer frequently asked questions and inform you of important new discoveries & procedures available in the world of cosmetic surgery today.Now what are talking about today?  Today we’re talking about something that most people hate more than anything else.  It’s called cellulite.

And what the heck is cellulite?  Cellulite is the dimpling that you see on women’s thighs, on their buttocks, on their legs.  This is something that we see only in women.  Men do not get this problem because of hormonal reasons and it’s something that is dreaded.
And cellulite is really two pounds of fat in a one pound bag.

So it’s like an overstuffed mattress.  And at each dimple, there’s a cord that’s pulling the skin down.  Other areas where the overstuffing occurs, there is decreased fat there.

So what in the world can a person do about it? How can a person get rid of cellulite?

Well it’s interesting that losing weight doesn’t always help getting rid of cellulite because this fat is associated in the upper component of the skin.  So other means have to be used to treat this.

One of the most improved ways of doing this is something called endermologie.  Now it doesn’t get rid of cellulite completely but it’s a sectional system massage that helps to roll out the fat and people seem to get a good result.

According to the FDA, this improves the appearance of fat.  It doesn’t necessarily get rid of the cellulite.

What other cellulite treatments can be used?  Well, another means is called mesotherapy or lipodissolve.  We find when we combine this with endermologie the results are prolonged.

We’ve had some phenomenal results with that, people love it, and it works in 9 out of 10 people.

Now two other fat reduction treatments that probably will help are the new coolsculpting technique that is available and another one is the new UltraShape 3 because, it can target all areas of the skin.

Now can I guarantee this?

Unfortunately not, but these are newer and better ways of helping target fat reduction without downtime and is well worth a try.

I hope this serves you.  I’m Doctor Barry Lycka.  Talk to you soon.

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