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Cosmetic Dermatology 2011 Review By Edmonton Dr Barry Lycka

December 27th, 2011 by blycka

Wouldn’t it be great to look back at the year 2011 and find some good news?  I’m delighted to say that for those of you who prize natural good looks, there has been some amazing developments in Cosmetic Dermatology over the year 2011.

I’m Dr. Barry Lycka and I’m making it my business to be amongst the first to learn about the newest and the latest breakthroughs from my contacts in the Cosmetic Surgery Industry across North America.  That’s how I got to know about Ulthera Ultherapy from world expert Dr. Eugene Nowak from Chula Vista California.  This unique technique produces the effect of a facelift, but without surgery.  Now, they’ll never do what a facelift does, but it does pretty darn good for a non-invasive device.  During a typical two and a half hour treatment, Ulthera’s thermal energy safely heats the skin underlying the tissue known as the SMAS to produce an immediate tightening of the surface around the face and neck.

Over time, this becomes an appreciable lift, that’s because Ulthera continues to stimulate the growth of new collagen, the protein that builds up structure beneath loose skin, working from the inside out.  And the best news for busy people, you can go straight from the clinic back to your life.  That’s absolutely no down time.  This is the only technique that I know can do this.

Now let’s go on to August of 2011, when I discover a secret that I’d like to share with 82% of female viewers.  That’s the proportion of women who report a problem of cellulite.  It can defy dieting and exercise because cellulite is the result not just of fat, but fiberous bands that pull down the skin to create the dreaded dimple-look.  It’s actually a structural problem, not just a problem with the fatty tissue.  The new cellulite treatment I learned about is  Cellulaze, I’m proud to be amongst the first in Canada and in the world to offer this unique procedure.  Minimally invasive, it directs laser thermal energy to areas of concern releasing and tightening and thickening the skin and increasing its elasticity.

September acquired an extra shine, thanks to the GliSODin glow.  Glisodin skin nutrients are a revolutionary brand of nutricosmetics which improves your skin’s health and looks from within.  The range includes advanced skin brightening, advanced pre and post cosmetic surgery, advanced slimming and advanced anti-aging formula.  All of them are based on natural ingredients, which is the way things are going.  Within weeks you will notice fewer lines and wrinkles, the less redness and blemishes, more energy and a youthful radiance.  That’s the Glisodin glow.

And let’s go on to October.  This is the month I get into coolsculpting.  This revolutionary non-invasive procedure gets rid of body fat by freezing it. As I said on Global Edmonton TV,  “What freezing does to those fat cells?  Is it literally turns them to crystals.  The body’s immune system then recognizes them and it eats them up. With this, I see results in most patients within four months. The magic thing is the body only produces so many fat cells.  So, once the person gets rid of them, they’re history.”

I’m thrilled by that by adding Ulthera Ultherapy, Cellulaze, Glisodin and Coolsculpting to my practice.  I have the ability to provide patients with the one-step solution to all their cosmetic needs.  Now, if you want to find out more from me about any of these treatments, you can have the confidence of choosing one of the best in town.  How do I know this?  Well, humbly, I was awarded with the Consumer’s Choice Award for the 10th consecutive year.  This is an award given by consumers to individuals.  Anyone can win an award for one year, but 10 consecutive years, I think that’s something.

Another amazing thing about an amazing year.

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