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Plastic surgery for men: Dr Lycka reveals top5 procedures

February 14th, 2012 by blycka

Hi! I’m Doctor Barry Lycka, Edmonton-based cosmetic dermatologist, and this post is another one of a new series where I give you information about cosmetic surgery procedures, highlight cosmetic surgery tips and keep you informed of the newest and best procedures in cosmetic surgery today, and whats happening in the beauty world.

This post features an interesting question that is very frequently asked of me – ‘what is the most common cosmetic surgery for men‘, also asked as ‘what is the most common plastic surgery for men‘ !

Well, I’ve been a cosmetic doctor for about 25 years and in that period of time I’ve seen a huge evolution.  The concept of beauty has evolved.  Originally, beauty used to be associated just with women.  Well, we now think of beauty not as just being a concept that’s limited to one sex.  It really is a universal concept that people have and I think it’s very important that people realize that this term equally applies to men.

Men get cosmetic surgery done for other reasons than women.  One of the main reasons they get it done is because they are worried about their jobs.  As they are getting older, they’re worried about looking older and they want to look better.  They are afraid of younger people coming along and taking their jobs away.  As you know, most men work hard, they love their jobs, and most of their life is focused on their jobs.  So it’s not unusual to have these concepts.

So, let me answer a question, a question that is asked to me all the time and that is, what type of cosmetic surgery for men is most popular?  Well, there are five popular procedures asked for in plastic surgery for men.

Number one on the list is a rhinoplasty.  A rhinoplasty is also known as a nose job.  Men get that done more frequently than anything else.

Number two is eyelid surgery and that’s not unusual.  Why?  Men have droopy eyelids just like women.  In fact, if all of us lived long enough, we would all need eyelid surgery done.  Now, as our eyelids look heavier, we start looking much older.  We start looking in ways that we don’t feel.  What happens then is we start looking tired, we start looking angry.  That’s why eyelid surgery is done as the number two procedure.

The number three procedure is a very interesting one and that’s liposuction, a procedure that I really focus on and I’ve done more procedures than most people.  As I explained in a previous video, I’ve done over 6,000 liposuction procedures since starting doing it back in late 1980s.  Liposuction is one of those procedures where people want their bodies to look better.  It really shouldn’t be called liposuction in the year 2011.  It really should be called ‘Liposuction‘ or ‘Liposculpture‘ surgery because that’s really what we are doing.  It is sculpturing.  It’s a procedure whose time has come because it’s a dream that literally has come true for most people.  People walk in for the procedure and they walk out after.

Number four on the list is breast reduction surgery.  Men like breasts but not on themselves and so those breasts are really, really, a trying thing on many, many men.  I find that breast reduction surgery is something that’s really wonderful for most men and it gets phenomenal results.  I’ve had a lot of people ask for that and it’s an area where people get some great satisfying results.

The fifth most common surgery is something called hair transplantation surgery.  Now, hair transplantation surgery has changed markedly in the last 20 years.  It used to be people used to get plugs put in, where literally a group of hairs were taken out and transplanted.  This is no longer done.  It’s been replaced by single hair transplants and there are real marvelous people that do that do wonderful work.  I do not do hair transplantation surgery but I’ve done wonderful things in that area in the past and I know some wonderful doctors that can help you.

I’m Dr. Barry Lycka.  If you need to get in touch with us, please give us a call, or ask me a question using the ‘Ask a Question‘ form on  I’d love to hear from you, and I hope this serves you.

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