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Botox: is botox safe? Botox safety FAQs answered by Dr Lycka

April 4th, 2012 by blycka

Well, what are we going to talk about today?  The number one question I am asked all the time whether I am in my office or whether I am on the street – ‘Is Botox safe ?’

Now, why am I asked that?  Well, the number one reason for that is Botox is the number one in cosmetic procedure done in the year 2012.  It is going up by leaps and bounds.  Every year, more and more people are trying Botox as a wrinkle treatment, and loving it.  It’s what we call happy medicine.  Yet Botox has become the boogie man of the industry.  A lot of people question how safe is botox.
Now, why are these discrepant views coming about? I find Botox to be one of the most wonderful and safe agents that’s around.

The reason why there are these different views, is that they come from three different sources.  Three different uses of botox that are not widely understood and which lead to general concern and misunderstanding regarding the safety of botox.

The number one source of misunderstanding is that Botox is used for a lot of other things other than cosmetic uses.

It is used to treat diseases in neurology where we have spasticity going on, a large degree of muscle contraction.  In those diseases, you might have seen some people with it like people with cerebral palsy.  They require huge doses of Botox, doses that I would never even imagine being used in cosmetic uses. It is used in different doses, to help treat different problems. So in those situations, it has more danger.  The higher the dose that goes up, the harder it is to be safe. Those large doses are not used in cosmetic uses.

The second source of misunderstanding is how Botox has been used in animal testing. In animal studies, they use doses that I frankly think are insane.  They are 10,000 times the dosage we use in cosmetic surgery.  So in those situations, there are side effects that we would never even imagine in cosmetic surgery.

And the third source of misunderstanding, is where people have reported problems from having cosmetic use of Botox. However, the problems have resulted from the use of what I call  ‘bogus Botox’. Unfortunately, some doctors have used Botox that is not the real thing.  This has happened in places like Phoenix and other places across the United States, and worldwide and has given rise to a lot of reports of bad, bad side effects.

But I’d like to assure you that in safe hands, with doctors that are well qualified, and doctors that have used the correct botox for a long time, that this is one of the safest, most wonderful materials we have.

And I’d like to also assure you that you should try Botox, and if Botox is right for you, you should get it regularly.
It’s what we call happy medicine.  It’s something that we love and we would love to see you for it.

I’m Dr. Barry Lycka.  Talk to you soon.

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