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Bellafill Beauty Event – November 2016

Dr. Barry Lycka - November 28, 2016

Bellafill Beauty Event – see the difference Side by Side

Live Demonstration at our 2016 Bellafill Beauty event!

Meet Harriet Tinka a patient of Dr. Lycka for over 5 years and you probably seen her mentioned in our newsletter for all the great work she’s doing with Empowering Youth in the greater Edmonton and surrounding areas.

So, we invited Harriet to come in 4 weeks ago for a skin test, followed by the procedure 2 weeks after.  We only treated one side of her face as the intent was to provide you with an instant before and after so that you could compare the results.  As you can see below, we treated the left side of her face while leaving the right side untreated.

Bellafill instantly provided her with results to the left side of her face.  She received instant volume and lift as you can see,  resulting in a smoother and refreshed appearance . The best thing about Bellafill is that it’s going to continue to provide her with benefits for 5 years of more!

Stay tuned for more before and after pictures, Harriet was an awesome candidate for this new procedure and is due back for a following in 2-3 weeks.  Thanks Harriet for being our model today!.


Sneak Peak of Harriet Getting prepped for the Procedure!



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