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What You Need To Know Before Having Liposuction

Hi – Dr Barry Lycka here, talking to you on I’d like to talk to you about something new that I have for everyone! It’s a new book – it’s called ‘What Every Person Needs To Know Before Having Liposuction‘. It’s a great little book … why? Because it answers all every question you’ll […]

Removing Skin Cancer with Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Hi again! This is Dr Barry Lycka, talking to you on – your number 1 resource for cosmetic surgery…

Edmonton Doctor Travels To Treat Acid Attack Victims In Egypt

This is Dr Barry Lycka, talking to you on Some of the things that I like to do is…

Radiesse: The Key To Getting Rid of Old Looking Hands

You know that as you get older you start to lose volume from the back of your hands. In fact,…

How To Stop Bruising After Cosmetic Surgery

Many people remember and are aware that cosmetic surgery can cause some bruising. There is a particularly neat development in…

"6 Proven Methods on How to Look and Feel Younger in 30 Days"

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