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What Is The Vampire Facelift? Platelet Rich Plasma Explained

The vampire facelift has a bit of a scary name but the reality is it’s one of the most natural procedures cosmetic doctors offer today. Loving a great name to hook on to, the vampire facelift is something the media has popularized quite a bit and, of course, it has very little to do with […]

How To Get Rid of Smokers Lines Around Your Mouth

Have you wondered how to get rid of smokers lines around your mouth? It’s a very common problem that I…

Are You Too Young To Use Restylane?

One question I was asked recently is, “Am I too young to get Restylane done?” Those of you who don’t…

How To Lift Sagging Eyes Without Surgery

This week’s video is discussing a new way to lift your eyes without surgery, it’s called the Ulthera Lift. Hi…

Injectable Facial Fillers & How They Help You Look Younger

Have you noticed your face is losing volume? Do you feel like your skin isn’t as tight as it used…

"6 Proven Methods on How to Look and Feel Younger in 30 Days"

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