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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation (Natural)

Breast Augmentation

If you’ve ever considered breast augmentation surgery before, you might have wondered which method is the best way to go. There are exciting new treatments coming out to help you get the results you’re looking for. In fact, one of our newer procedures allows you to use your body’s own fat to enhance your breast size.

How are fat transfer breast augmentations performed?

Fat transfer breast augmentations essentially use traditional liposuction to remove fat from other parts of the body and inject it into the breasts to enhance the appearance. Other areas of the body include the thighs, flanks, or abdomen.

Who is an ideal candidate for fat transfer breast augmentations procedure?

Women that desires a humble increase to their breast size and who has excess fat is exactly the type of person for the procedure. The breast should have a nice shape and have good skin tone.
There are more restrictions if someone wants to use a large volume because then they need to have a large volume of excess fat available and a lot of loose skin so the fat can be put into the breast tissue.
With a smaller volume transfer, most people are candidates for at least some improvement. It has a very broad range of applicability.

What are the Benefits of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

  • Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation (Natural) is performed under local anesthesia
  • Fat is harvested from your own body. No foreign potentially harmful objects
  • Fat Transfer provides a natural look and feel to the breast
  • Not incisions and scars
  • Procedure is painless

Why choose Barry Lycka MD & Associates?

Dr. Lycka developed and patented a niche procedure called SVELT! or Small Volume Elective Lipo Transfer. SVELT is a procedure in which fat from certain areas is purified and then injected (in tiny) volumes into the breast between the skin and the breast globule to enhance the look and feel of the breasts.

Barry Lycka MD & Associates will make sure that we recommend the best procedure to achieve the results you want. Dr. Lycka and his medical team will review all necessary precautions and risks to all treatments and procedures we offer. Our commitment is to you! During your consultation, pre-surgery, and post-surgery We are with you every step of the way!

Breast Augmentation Done Naturally

Call Dr. Lycka today to arrange your consultation.  Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation (Natural) SVELT might be the right procedure for you!