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Breast Implant Health Problems : Why Breast Implants Can Make You Unwell

Dr. Barry Lycka - August 2, 2016

Breast Implant Health Problems

Breast implants are still incredibly popular these days, despite several health ‘scares’ and problems with them over the years. And they are of course today the best they have ever been… but breast implants can still cause health problems that you might not be aware of…

We have all heard about the problem when silicone gel implants leak silicone into the body. However for certain people who this happens to – the leaking silicone will make them extremely ill. They can be exposed to chemical toxicity but also yeast infections can overwhelm their immune system.

Having a saline filled breast implant gets away from that particular problem. BUT, in certain people with saline implants, who live in a moldy area, they too can become very ill. Mold can contaminate the saline implant, and overwhelm their immune system too.

So in different types of implant, mold, yeast, and silicone leakage, can cause major health problems.

Our popular, repeat guest this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today is a renowned expert on breast implant health problems. Dr Susan Kolb is a board certified plastic surgeon from Atlanta, Georgia. She has a special expertise with breast implants and the health problems they can cause. This is based upon real experience when her silicone implants leaked and caused serious health problems.  In this very interesting interview, Dr Kolb shares her story and clinical & personal experiences with breast implant health problems, with Dr Lycka.

Dr Kolb explains the health issues caused by yeast infections & chemical toxicity from silicone breast implants.

She also explains the health issues caused by mold contamination of saline breast implants.

This truly is a ‘must hear’ interview for anyone with implants who is unwell, and for anyone thinking about having implants to learn more about these important health problems.

If you are interested in the subject of health problems caused by breast implants, Dr Lycka has recorded several interviews with Dr Kolb over the years. Visit http://webtalkradio.net/internet-talk-radio/inside-cosmetic-surgery-today/ and search for Dr Susan Kolb to quickly find the interviews she has done with Dr Lycka.

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Dr Susan Kolb practices in Atlanta, Georgia, and can be contacted via her website http://www.plastikos.com or you can email her at: info@plastikos.com

‘The Naked Truth About Breast Implants’ book has it’s own website, http://www.thenakedtruthaboutbreastimplants.com

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