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Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation

Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation

Why you should ALWAYS wear sunscreen

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Watch Dr. Lycka’s Contribution to Alberta Heath Services’ “Sunsible” Campaign

An Amazing New Technology That Detects Early Skin Cancer Cells

Dr. Lycka has always known that skin cancers could be virtually eliminated if people were educated on the dangers of exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. As one of the leading authorities on skin cancer surgery, Dr. Lycka grew frustrated with the lack of information and the increasing number of skin cancer cases across Canada.

In 2002, Dr. Lycka founded the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation in an effort to spread awareness about the disease. In ten short years, the organization has grown to include a talented board of directors, staff, and program volunteers. Last year, CSCF distributed over 7,000 free sunscreen samples along with educational sun safety information to people in Edmonton. They also conducted four annual educational campaigns at the University of Alberta campus and made presentations to thousands of elementary, junior and senior high school students.

Every wonder how the sun sees you?

Skin Cancer Is Preventable!

The Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation is dedicated to the elimination of skin cancers through education, awareness, advocacy and research. Our vision is simply, a world without skin cancer. For more information on the important work CSCF does, or to make a donation in support of a world without skin cancer,  please visit their website.