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How To Get Rid of Freckles & Brown Spots

Dr. Barry Lycka - Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Freckles and brown spots are things that patients usually have a lot of questions about. For instance, what are they? Can I get rid of them? On this week’s YourCosmeticDoctor.tv video Dr. Barry Lycka discusses these frequently asked questions on freckles and brown spots. What Are Freckles & Brown Spots? Freckles are something that you…

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Getting Rid of Acne & The Best Treatments Available

Dr. Barry Lycka - Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Is acne curable? Unfortunately like many other diseases like Rosacea, Diabetes and Asthma, acne cannot be cured. In this third and final part of our acne series, we discuss ways you can help your acne and treatments that are available to you. This is your host, Dr Barry Lycka, talking to you on YourCosmeticDoctor.tv. Can…

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What Causes Acne & How Can We Treat It?

Dr. Barry Lycka - Wednesday, March 25, 2015

People often wonder what the main causes of acne are and that’s what we’re discussing in this week’s video on YourCosmeticDoctor.tv, the second part in our special three part series on acne. What Can Cause Acne? While there are many factors that can lead to getting acne, here are a few that definitely contribute to it:…

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Who Is Prone To Acne & Why Do They Get It?

Dr. Barry Lycka - Thursday, March 19, 2015

We all think that acne is mostly found in teenagers, but more and more adults are developing acne later on in life. This is Dr Barry Lycka talking to you on YourCosmeticDoctor.tv – this week’s video is about what adult acne is and what can be done to cure it. There are a few reasons…

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The Causes of Rosacea and How To Get Rid Of It

Dr. Barry Lycka - Thursday, March 5, 2015

This is the second part in our three part series about Rosacea. We have discussed what Rosacea is and what it looks like, in this article we talk about the causes. This is Dr. Barry Lycka here, talking to you on YourCosmeticDoctor.tv! Causes Of Rosacea: The Signs You Should Be Looking For What causes Rosacea?…

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Skin Sun Protection & Treating Sun Damaged Skin

Dr. Barry Lycka - Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hello again! Dr Barry Lycka here from YourCosmeticDoctor.tv. This week’s video is focusing on something that affects far too many people. I want to talk to you about something that everybody is experiencing these days and that is sun damage. Skin sun protection is so vital in this day and age and there are multiple…

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5 Skin Care Essentials You Should Use Every Day

Dr. Barry Lycka - Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hello again! Dr Barry Lycka talking to you on YourCosmeticDoctor.tv and this time we’re talking about the five non-negotiables everybody needs for their skin. The Five Skin Care Non-Negotiables This is a concept shared to me by my friend and fellow dermatologist Dr Frances Jang, who practices in Vancouver. The five non-negotiables make a lot…

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Ulthera Focused Ultrasound Tightens Loose Skin

Dr. Barry Lycka - Thursday, February 5, 2015

Would you like to lift your skin? How about the area around your eyes, face and neck that are starting to droop noticeably? Hello again! Dr Barry Lycka here from YourCosmeticDoctor.tv and this week we’re talking about a special focused ultrasound machine called Ulthera. We were one of the first in the Edmonton area (and…

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Tighten Your Loose Skin With Radio Frequency Devices

Dr. Barry Lycka - Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hello again! This is Dr Barry Lycka talking to you on YourCosmeticDoctor.tv I’m talking to you today about another technique called RF that uses electromagnetic waves to tighten the skin. This happens in a couple of different ways. One of them is with a technique called Thermage and we have used it for a number…

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How Micro-Needling Can Give You Amazing Skin

Dr. Barry Lycka - Wednesday, January 21, 2015

As we get older it becomes extremely important to have a disciplined skin care regime but we all need a boost from time to time. One way to help is a newer technique known as micro-needling. This is Dr Barry Lycka talking to you on YourCosmeticDoctor.tv and this week’s discussion will focus on micro-needling and…

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