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Dr. Lycka strongly believes in giving back to his community in many ways. Being a mentor to those who are actively invested in their communities aiming to inspire the next generation of leaders by empowering them and encouraging them to dream big.

Harriet Tinka

Dr. Lycka has been an important supporter of the YWCA Women of Distinction awards for many years. The Women of Distinction is an event that recognizes women who have inspired and mentored others in their industry and have a direct impact on the lives of those around them. Harriet Tinka was the 2013 Nominee in the Educator category. This category nominates an individual who is an educator of children or adults and has empowered her students to do great things. Harriet Tinka, Founder of Empowered Me works with participants ranging from ages 10 and up to help them reach their full potential.
She had never met Dr. Lycka leading to the event but had read about his spirit of giving as a philanthropist, mentor for doctors around the world and his passion for what he does.  He is truly a master of his own craft.

Dr. Barry Lycka and Harriet Tinka

Harriet first met Dr. Lycka on the YWCA Women of Distinction award night. The meeting had an immediate impact on her.  Prior to the meeting, Harriet was not much of a risk taker and did not make an effort in the work environment that wasn’t directly doing her job. After listening to his wisdom, she embraced the importance of understanding others, identifying those who are passionate about shared visions, speaking to people in their preferred communication style, and much more.

Dr. Lycka and mentorship

Harriet recognized Dr. Lycka as an effective mentor who practices what he preaches.  His communication style gave Harriet a new standard for a working professional and philanthropist. Since meeting him, her passion for giving back has increased. He has inspired her to be who she dreams to be. Most importantly, Dr. Lycka has made Harriet realize there is no limitations in what one can do if you set your mind up to do anything.

Since the meeting, Harriet has been recognized several times for her efforts and accomplishments.  This includes being in the City of Edmonton Council protocol where the Mayor and Councilors officially recognized Harriet for the differences she makes in the community.

Just last week, her accomplishments and commitments were honored by receiving the prestigious Integrity Award from the Rotary club of Edmonton and area. Integrity is defined as a moral soundness, uprightness, and honesty. The District 5370 Capital Region Rotary clubs yearly present Integrity Awards to encourage high ethical standards and raise awareness of Rotary ideals. 

The tenacity of these awards is to honor adult, non-Rotarian members of the community for their integrity as citizens. Each participating club recognizes one such individual at an annual dinner. The Edmonton Rotary Club of Edmonton Riverview this year honored Harriet Tinka as their recipient for the award this year.

A very prestigious award of which she was humbled with. She accepted with these words “Thank you so much for this great recognition, it encourages me to keep on going and see what’s to come” With Dr. Lycka as her mentor, she has described her life as coming from tragic to magic and knowing the value of giving back to the community.




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