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Deep Clean Your Skin From Head To Toe

Dr. Barry Lycka - September 14, 2016

Do you know how to deep clean your skin from head to toe?

We all know about spring cleaning our houses, and deep cleaning our cars, but we don’t have to limit that effort to those things – you can most certainly deep clean your skin too. Even though we wash ourselves often, there are plenty of problem areas around your body that need a little extra cleaning and care & attention.

Our guest this week with Dr Lycka on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today is very happy to be sharing with you how to do it.

Dr Kally Papantoniou is a board certified dermatologist from Fresh Meadows, New York, and she talks about how to deep cleanse your skin, starting from the scalp and working down to the toes. Dr Lycka counts down the various body areas and the two doctors discuss their best tips and advice for deep cleaning your skin & looking after each of those areas.

They talk about the importance of deep cleaning your hair and scalp – especially if you are suffering from hair loss. If the scalp and hair are not clean, or there is a build up of dead skin cells on the scalp, then it is difficult for the medications to work. So don’t be afraid to wash your hair when you have air loss.

Even your ears & belly button are included in this comprehensive guide from Dr Papantoniou.

And it’s not all expensive lotions either – Dr Papantoniou describes many simple, easy & affordable techniques, and shares ‘recipes’ for some homemade skin care remedies as well.

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Dr Kally Papantoniou practices in Fresh Meadows, New York and can be contacted via her website http://drpapantoniou.com/


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