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Fall in Love with Smart Lipo

Dr. Barry Lycka MD - February 26, 2018

If you’ve had a chance to pick up this month’s issue of The New You, you’ll notice that we are showcasing the incredible benefits of Smart Lipo at Barry Lycka MD & Associates!

Smart Lipo

We talk a lot about how Smart Lipo works on love handles and muffin tops, but this month, we want to highlight the many other treatment areas that benefit from this innovative procedure.

If you’re struggling with stubborn fat on certain areas of your body, Smart Lipo is a safe, minimally invasive alternative to traditional liposuction surgery. That’s right, no anesthesia required!

Aside from the belly and buttocks, here are some key treatment areas that Smart Lipo works wonders on:

  • The Banana Roll

This is a common nickname for that unflattering roll of stubborn fat that tends to settle right beneath the buttocks. Because Smart Lipo uses laser technology to break down fat cells, this area is highly accessible and treatable at Barry Lycka MD & Associates.

  • The Double Chin

When we talk about the double chin, we aren’t talking about a little sagging skin here and there. We’re talking about that stubborn fat that forms a second chin under the jawline. Even with diet and exercise, this particular area doesn’t always slim down as easily. Smart Lipo can remedy this issue for good.

  • The Thunder Thighs

Not every woman loves their curves, and it’s important that everyone feels beautiful in their own bodies. If your thigh fat is causing you grief, consider Smart Lipo as a quick, safe, and highly effective solution.

If you’ve exhausted your fat-loss efforts through diet and exercise without seeing the results you desire, call 780.425.1212 or book a consultation online to find out more about Smart Lipo at Barry Lycka MD & Associates!

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