FAQ’s (Frequently Ask Questions)

What is the Cancellation Policy?

All treatments must provide 48 hrs notices for cancellation. For Mohs surgery patients we ask for 5 business days notice and for procedures, we require 10 business days.

How long are treatments?

Depending on the type of treatment being performed treatments generally take 30 mins – 90 mins.

Can I go home alone?

No, we recommend for major procedures that you make arrangements to have someone accompany you on your surgery day.

Do I need to be hospitalized?

No, Barry Lycka MD & Associates is a Non-Hospital surgical facility and all treatments and procedures are done under local anesthetic.

What is the usual post-operative follow-up visit?

For major procedures and treatments, Dr. Lycka recommends that a post- operative follow-up visit should be scheduled 1 month after surgery. However, for blepharoplasty, we recommend 1 week after surgery.

What can I travel after my procedure?

For most patients, after 7 – 10 business days after surgery.

Will I need to come back to have stitches removed?

Dr. Lycka highly recommends in situations where stitches must be removed that you schedule an appointment with Barry Lycka MD & Associates directly. However, we also welcome you to visit your family doctor or spot by a Medi-clinic near you.

How long do treatments take?

On average 30 mins – 90 mins depending on the type of treatment and location of what is being treated.

How long will it take before I see results?

This is a great question, however, there are a lot of variables. Please refer to the treatment or procedure page on our website or speak with us directly during your consultation.