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Fat Melting, Cellulite Improvements & Skin Tightening

Dr. Barry Lycka - August 22, 2016

Exciting Results In Summer 2016!

Fat melting, making cellulite look better, and skin tightening are all things that many of us have wished for… but do you realize that here in the Summer of 2016, these wishes are now a reality? There are many choices available now to get rid of fat, to improve cellulite and to tighten up sagging skin. In fact you are very much spoilt for choice!

Without Surgery…

And the great part is that you don’t even have to choose surgery! There are many minimally invasive and non-invasive options available for you to consider. But as ever, not every patient is the same, and not every procedure is suitable for every patient. So to help you make a wise and informed choice, from suitable options, this week we are featuring some of the latest procedures to help get rid of fat, cellulite and sagging skin.

Our guest talking this week with Dr Lycka on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today is a renowned expert on these techniques, and a popular repeat guest.

Dr Jeanine Downie is a board certified dermatologist from Montclair, New Jersey and she enthusiastically shares and discusses the latest devices and techniques with Dr Lycka.

… And Lots Of Options

Dr Downie talks through the many varied options she is using to help her patients get rid of fat, improve their cellulite and tighten up skin, in varying areas of the face and body. But don’t worry, those of you in Alberta can come and see Dr Lycka about these new techniques, as he is a great fan of many of them, and offers similar treatments in his Edmonton office.

Both doctors agree that this is such an exciting time, and that we just don’t have to put up with stubborn lumps of fat or sagging skin anymore!

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Dr Jeanine Downie practices in Montclair, New Jersey, and can be contacted via her website http://www.imagedermatology.com/.

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