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Get Rid Of Your Double Chin Or Saggy Neck

Dr. Barry Lycka - June 20, 2016

Get rid of your double chin or saggy neck – wouldn’t that be wonderful? Well today we share some exciting new options for those of you who really want to do something about your chin or neck but don’t know what is available.

Our neck & chin area has traditionally been difficult to improve, with only a couple of options available to help. And in all honesty, none of them have really caught the imagination and got people excited!  But over the past year there has been a surge of new treatments to get rid of double chin and saggy neck.

Welcome Kybella!

The catalyst for this interest seems to have been the approval of Kybella. It is an injectable ‘fat busting’ product which makes your double chin ‘melt away’. You might also hear it being called deoxycholic acid. This is not a new idea, but previous problems with how earlier versions were made by various pharmacies caused inconsistencies and problems.

Enter Kybella, which is very consistently manufactured to a very high standard, and which gives nice results. For the first time, people are excited about treating the problematic double chin and neck area. And excitingly, there are now other options available too, including a new version of Coolsculpting called CoolMini, and of course liposuction.

Your Choices For Double Chins & Saggy Necks…

This week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, Dr Lycka talks with Board Certified Dermatologist Dr Joel Schlessinger, from his practice in Omaha, Nebraska.

Dr Schlessinger introduces Kybella, and both doctors discuss what it is, how it is used, what the experience is like for the patients and the type of results it creates. They also compare CoolMini  and liposuction for removing fat, and also discuss how to improve sagging / lax skin (aka turkey neck) on the neck as well, using ultherapy.

This is a great interview which is worth 30 minutes of your time to learn and help you understand the differences, the benefits, the side effects, and the results, of the latest treatment choices to help you get rid of your double chin and saggy neck.

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Dr Joel Schlessinger practices in Omaha, Nebraska, and can be contacted via his website http://www.lovelyskin.com or you can email him at skindoc@lovelyskin.com

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