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Healthy Skin Solutions

Dr. Barry Lycka - October 10, 2017

Our October issue of The New You focuses on healthy skin solutions, as the transition from summer to fall can wreak havoc on your complexion if you aren’t practicing a proper daily skin care routine.

Healthy Skin

Dryness, redness and acne breakouts are just a few symptoms of the changing seasons, but your skin could be experiencing these attributes regardless of what time of year it is, which makes finding the right skin care products even more important for long-term relief.

We had Dr. Lycka, Tina and Michelle pick their favourite skin care products offered at Barry Lycka MD & Associates for The New You – here’s what they chose:

Dr. Lycka’s Pick:

  • Complete Skin Care by Dr. Lycka
    • This exclusive skin care line by Dr. Lycka was developed using high-quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients to ensure long-lasting results for all skin types.

Complete Skin Care

Tina’s Pick:

  • ZO Skin Health
    • ZO Skin Health products are most-recommended by Tina, as they offer medical-grade and cosmetic skin care regimes. All skin types and conditions benefit from ZO’s highly effective ingredients and efficient delivery systems.

Offects Polish

Michelle’s Pick:

  • Vivier Pharma
    • VivierSkin, a topical vitamin C-based product line, is a branch of the pharmaceutical-grade skin care brand, Vivier Pharma. Clients with dry skin, sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation and age spots appreciate this product line for its versatility and effectiveness.

Your Best Skin Yet

Since our focus for October is all about healthy skin solutions, we encourage both men and women to invest in one of the trusted daily skin care programs available through Complete Skin Care, ZO Skin Health or Vivier Pharma.

Be sure to pick up a copy of The New You to find a bonus skin care recommendation from the team! Here’s a hint: hydration, hydration! You can also view the latest newsletter here.

To learn more about healthy skin solutions at Barry Lycka MD & Associates, book a consultation online or call 780.425.1212 today!

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