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Laser Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a procedure which uses a laser to remove unwanted hair on the body by means of exposing the area to a laser which sends laser light pulses that destroy the hair follicle.

What can be treated with laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the most effective treatment to remove unwanted hair. The laser light energy used in this procedure can reduce hair on any part of the body, but is used most commonly to treat the:

  • Face
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Forearm
  • Underarm
  • Bikini line

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

  • Lasers can target a specific area on the body leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.
  • Depending on the area being treated patients can expect to achieve full hair loss within 6 -7 treatments.

Who is a good candidate?

Laser hair removal is most effective on people with light skin and dark hair. If you have a darker complexion, your skin may be damaged by the laser. So in these instances, your technologist may choose to use a lower laser setting, which emits less energy. However, with new technology, laser hair removal may be used successfully for individuals of all skin and hair types.
The treatment is not usually painful, but you may request a topical anesthetic if you are especially sensitive to pain. You will also be given special eyewear that will protect your eyes.

What is the recovery period?

As the skin in the treated area heals your skin with feel as if it is sunburned. Dr . Lycka recommends using a cool compress of moisturizer to help soothe the skin

Before and After

Male- Laser Hair Removal - Front Male- Laser Hair Removal -Back

Why choose Barry Lycka & Associates?

Laser hair removal is an unregulated procedure in Canada. This means that unqualified technicians are performing the procedure, putting people at a high risk of burns, scars, and discoloration. Going to a highly-trained professional ensures you are receiving the best possible care and treatment.
Also be aware of clinics that make promises for treatment without seeing you for a consultation first. Each person responds differently to laser hair treatment, so it is not possible for a clinic to tell you over the phone how many sessions you will require.