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Lipodissolve (Mesotherapy) treatments

Tired of stubborn fat deposits that you can’t get rid of with diet or exercise? Can’t stand your ” love handles”? or “muffin top? Lipodissolve might be your new best friend!

What is Lipodissolve (Mesotherapy)?

Lipodissolve or mesotherapy is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It involves injecting a specialized formula into areas of unwanted fatty deposits. The injections cause your fat cells to literally dissolve, and then they are flushed from your body over a period of weeks through your body’s natural processes.

What can be treated with the Lipodissolve (Mesotherapy) procedure?

Lipodissolve is very effective to treat small fat deposits, and cellulite in the following areas:

  • Love handles
  • Fat deposits in the neck
  • Arms
  • Under the eyes
  • Inner thighs

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment itself only take about 15-30 minutes. The body will natural discard the fat cells over the next few weeks. Most patients see results within 4 months. For those who want an alternative treatment to the liposuction procedure, with shorter noninvasive treatment(s) for long lasting results then this treatment is for you.

Lipodissolve is an incredible technique and can be used pretty much anywhere on the body where small amounts of stubborn fat exist however it is not recommended to treat large fat deposits.

What is the recovery period after the treatment? 

The recovery from Lipodissolve is a very quick process. you may experience a slight burning sensation around the treated area for about an hours after the injection(s), skin tenderness, swelling, and possible but rare bruising around the injection site for a day or two after the treatment.

Fat loss will be a gradual process but Lipodissolve is an effective way to accomplish it!

 Before and After – Lipodissolve (Mesotherapy)

Before lipodissolve afterlipodissolve

You work hard to look great and stay healthy! See how Lipodissolve can give you that final push. Book a consultation with Dr. Lycka and get ready to reveal that beautiful, slender tone you’ve always dreamed of.