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Mineral Makeup for Skin Care

Dr. Barry Lycka - October 19, 2017

Did you know that using the right makeup products can be just as beneficial for your skin as our dermatologist-tested skin care products? That’s right, the makeup you use on a regular basis says a lot about the condition of your skin.

From which brands you use and how old your makeup is to how often you apply it and take it off, makeup can boost or break your healthy skin. At Barry Lycka MD & Associates, we offer Jane Iredale mineral makeup products because we trust their dermatologist-tested ingredients to support overall skin health.

The Jane Iredale Advantage

Sun damage prevention is our number one priority here at Barry Lycka MD & Associates. That said, Jane Iredale products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients on the market, using minerals that guarantee broad-spectrum protection from UV rays.

Designed to serve multiple purposes, Jane Iredale products like Amazing Base, PurePressed Base, Glow Time and Dream Tint function as foundations, concealers, sunscreens and skin care boosters.

We also appreciate that Jane Iredale minerals are pure in pigment, meaning they don’t contain any fillers. This means you can expect full coverage with minimal touch-ups required for all-day wear.

The Jane Iredale Difference

Not only are these mineral makeup products made at the highest quality, but also they’re also non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t block your pores. Jane Iredale foundations form a protective barrier on the skin, allowing the pores to breathe, unlike regular drugstore brands.

Did you know that seven Jane Iredale products, proven with scientific data demonstrating their sun damage prevention properties, have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation? You can enjoy the outdoors without worry of sun damage thanks to mineral makeup.

Jane Iredale at Barry Lycka MD & Associates

Our cosmetologist, Randi-Lynn, would love to give you a crash course in all things Jane Iredale and which products are right for your skin! Simply visit www.barrylyckamd.com or call 780.425.1212 to book a complimentary makeup consultation with Randi-Lynn today!

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