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Dangers of Tanning

The Importance of Early Detection

Detecting skin cancer at its earliest stage is the key to treatment and a cure. The Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation recommends monthly skin self-examinations. If spots or moles on your body fit any one of the ABCDEs of early detection, ask your doctor to have a look. Remember to check your whole body, including the bottoms of your feet, your scalp, and your armpits!

The ABCDE’s of Early Detection:

Moles Early Detection

The last sign to look for is “Evolution”, or any changes in the color, shape or size of a mole over a number of weeks. If you have any questions about skin cancer, please check out the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation website.

Benign Mole Removal in Edmonton, Alberta

While moles are usually the first signs of skin cancer for those affected, the majority of the time they are harmless and pose no threat to your health. In these cases, Barry Lycka M.D. in Edmonton, Alberta will gladly perform a relatively painless mole removal procedure to restore your skin’s uniformity.

However, when in doubt, check it out! If you have questions, don’t delay – arrange an appointment with us today.