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Latest Anti-Ageing Treatments: Discover Peels, Lasers & Niacinamide

Dr. Barry Lycka - July 8, 2016

Discover What’s New With The Latest Anti-Aging Treatments…

One thing we can be certain about is that there are many new and exciting treatments, devices, techniques and products coming out all the time. The overall trend is that the latest anti-ageing treatments are kinder, gentler and more effective on our skin than ever before. Which is a good thing – but it can be SO hard trying to keep up with it all.

But Don’t Worry – help is at hand!

This week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, Dr Lycka talks once again with popular return guest, Board Certified Dermatologist Dr Debra Jaliman from her practice on 5th Avenue, Manhattan, NYC. Dr Jaliman shares 3 latest anti-ageing treatments that she is using on her patients with great results.

Chemical Peels

Something that is definitely very much gentler than when first introduced 15-20 years ago are chemical peels. Don’t let that name put you off. Both Dr Lycka & Dr Jaliman love this new generation of peels, and talk about what is a chemical peel, how they work and the results they give. They share their favorite peels, and the best situations they are suitable for. And NO – you don’t look like a reptile shedding it’s skin with these new generation of peels.

Red Light Laser

A new addition to Dr Jaliman’s practice is her red light laser. She loves using it. You may not be aware that laser procedures can be a problem for people with colored skin as they can cause pigment problems in their skin. However, Dr Jaliman is very happy to report that this new red-light laser is particularly suitable for colored skin. She finds it very effective for treating pigmentary problems, such as hyper-pigmentation and melasma, as well as for treating acne scars, and other anti-ageing treatments.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

Both doctors are strong supporters of topical vitamins being applied to the skin to give very good results. When we talk about products being ‘topical’ it means that they are applied directly to the skin. Today the spotlight is on Niacinamide, which is also known as Vitamin B3. They share examples of how they advise it is used, and the results it gives. They also discuss the likely timescale to see full results. Moving onto topical Peptides, they also do great things with the skin tone & texture, providing that beautiful ‘glow’ that we all admire and desire. Dr Jaliman shares her new project where she has formulated an eye cream rich in peptides, called SeaRadiance.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of topical vitamins, Dr Lycka has had several great discussions with Dr Gordon Telford.

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Dr Debra Jaliman practices on 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York City, and can be contacted via her website http://www.drjaliman.com/ or you can email her at info@jaliman.com

SeaRadiance has it’s own website if you want to check out the photographs that Dr Jaliman was talking about today. https://searadiance.com/

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