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Red and Brown Spots On Your Skin? We Can Help

Dr. Barry Lycka - January 27, 2016

I’m talking to you today about red and brown spots on your skin.

Brown Spots

Brown spots are things that occur on the skin with aging, time and sun exposure. Most of these are freckles, or other things such as lentigoes on the skin.

The problem is that they look ugly and can make a person look older. They also be very unhealthy for your skin. We can really help that with lasers, chemical peels, and photo-rejuvenation programmes. We also use special creams formulated for your skin, such as those made by Vivier, or by ZO Pharmeceuticals. We love these products – they do a great deal for our skin.

Red Spots

Red spots are caused by dilated blood vessels. We have sophisticated lasers that help to eradicate them.

So you don’t have to put up with red and brown spots on your skin any longer. Call in and see what we can do to help you with this.

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