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Stop Snoring! Nightlase Is An Exciting Laser Treatment For Snoring

Dr. Barry Lycka - August 30, 2016

Stop Snoring!

Do you say that to your partner a LOT? Does their snoring keep you awake?  Or is it you that wants to stop snoring and go back to a good nights sleep?

Just about every week we share new treatments that are very exciting and this week is no exception!

Dr Lycka’s guest on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today is Dr Eugene Nowak, who loves to keep up with the latest treatments and techniques.   He is a board certified dermatologist from Chula Vista, California and he talks about ‘the year of the neck’, sharing some new treatments & procedures that improve various areas of the neck with no downtime or recovery needed afterwards.

The 2 doctors start by discussing Coolsculpting in the neck area using the CoolMini applicator, which is specifically designed to freeze fat in the double chin and neck area to get rid of it.

They also talk about Kybella which is injected to dissolve the fat.

Skin tightening is often required after fat reduction treatments, and Dr Nowak & Dr Lycka chat about different techniques that they like to combine with the various fat reduction procedures.

And then it’s on to snoring…

There is a fascinating new laser treatment which sees up to 80% reduction in snoring…Dr Nowak shares how happy patients (and particularly their spouses) are with the Fotona NightLase treatment which uses laser treatment around the back of the throat to tighten skin and improve and reduce the snoring.

Both doctors agree that these are exciting new treatments that only a year or so ago would have needed surgery!

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Dr Eugene Nowak practices in Chula Vista, California, and can be contacted via his website http://www.drnowak.com

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