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What’s Stressing Your Face?

Dr. Barry Lycka - July 20, 2016

What’s Stressing Your Face? How Stress Affects Skin Conditions

Have you spent today, this week, this year, rushing about trying to get everything done or dealing with a difficult situation? Well it seems from our everyday life that stress is an inescapable part of it. And yes, we all *know* that stress is bad for us, but have you ever wondered what it is actually doing to your health, your body and your face?

This week, Dr Lycka has been talking with a great guest who has been doing a lot of research on stress and how stress affects your skin.

Dr Glynis Ablon is a Board Certified Dermatologist, with a practice in Manhattan Beach, California. Dr Ablon recently published her 3rd book, ‘What’s Stressing Your Face’, but this is not just theory – listen as Dr Ablon shares how stress literally paralyzed her!

This is an information packed interview where Dr Lycka & Dr Ablon talk about the effects of stress, particularly on the skin. They talk about many skin conditions, such as rosacea & psoriasis, eczema, and other health problems that are caused by, or triggered by, or made worse by, stress.

And throughout this interesting interview, Dr Ablon makes many practical and effective suggestions for dealing with stress. She encourages us all to take the issue of stress more seriously, and her main encouragement to us is to look at all the many ways in which to reduce stress in our lives, try them out and find what really works for YOU.


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Dr Glynis Ablon practices in Manhattan Beach, California, and can be contacted via her website http://www.abloninstitute.com or you can email her at info@abloninstitute.com

‘What’s Stressing Your Face’ and her other books are available from Amazon.

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